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Welcome to my Substack. I’m the CEO of a mid-sized Canadian tech company. Extremely outspoken, passionately defending my rights to free speech and fearlessly cutting against cancel culture narratives using data driven analysis and common sense social/political commentary.

A professional Data Scientist with over 20 years accrued experience storing, analyzing and securing data. Formally educated and trained in Human Biology, my career progression drove me from the traditional biological sciences and into the data sciences. I have accrued extensive expertise and experience in various data technologies, including but not limited to, cloud computing, machine learning, big data and cyber security.

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I’m extremely concerned with the massive amounts of misinformation presented to Canadians on a daily basis. Our media, their political biases and their narratives are astronomically offside, resulting in the average Canadian being excessively misinformed. I aim to cut through the narratives and help us get to the truth. Positional agreement is not the objective. Conflicting opinions and discourse are the foundational cornerstones of a democracy. However, it is impossible to possess a valid opinion, when your opinion is built upon misinformation.

Re-join the age of enlightenment

Toss aside ideology and return to fact and data driven information and commentary. How are we supposed to form educated decisions and draw rational conclusions, if we are horrifically misinformed? I do all the research, and provide you with all of the reference materials used in my analysis and commentary.

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