Oct 16, 2020 • 20M

CH1 009 - Toronto Center Riding. A living case study demonstrating the absolute failure of the ideas and policies of the radical Canadian left

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Modern Conservative, Classic Liberal. Canadian Political Podcast
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When you base outcomes on nothing more than identity, you completely ignore the outcomes which actually matter. Does it matter if a person completely failed at their role on a smaller scale? Typically, no one would be rewarded for failure. Except of course, in Canadian politics. Failure apparently, does not matter as much as identity. Who cares if Chrystia Freeland and Marci Ien completely fail at their roles in Toronto Central. Who cares if their ideas and their policies were proven, in real world practice, to be abject failures. The fact they possess the correct genitalia and/or the correct skin pigmentation, means they can take their failed ideas and their failed policies, and put them into real world practice, and on scales orders of magnitude larger, all across Canada. After all, who cares if Canadians suffer, who cares if Canadians starve and who cares if Canadians die. These people must be allowed to perpetuate their horrific, self serving ideas and their nefarious policies, simply because they possess the prerequisite sexual organs and the adequate quantity of melatonin in their skin.