Mar 3, 2021 • 23M

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas – EP055 – Why Dr Suess

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Modern Conservative, Classic Liberal. Canadian Political Podcast
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Was Dr Suess cancelled because the content was offensive? If Dr Suess is considered offensive, the problem isn’t the work or the artists or the content. The problem is the people feigning offence. I assure you, the radicals are not offended. Controlling literature, thoughts and ideas are the primary objective here. Labelling systems – whether that is government, science, mathematics, literature or the arts as oppressive or racist in our case – is the justification used by all Marxists to tear down structures and replace them with ideologically aligned pillars. Controlling and indoctrinating children, can never begin too early from the Marxist perspective.

As countries around the world, and States south of the border continue to reverse course and release their citizens from these asinine draconian and flagrantly unwarranted public health policies, our politicians are freely able to double down their efforts. They are able to continue to fool and control the herd through simple and immersive propaganda via state controlled, hostile foreign influenced, tax funded media outlets and corrupt public health officials. Preventing Canadians from seeing information from around the world, and working diligently to ensure its as difficult as possible for Canadians to leave the country, enables continued and prolonged tyranny and control of the citizens.

Justin Trudeau is back at it again with SNC Lavalin, this time granting an additional $150M in what appears to be yet another corrupt deal with this corporate entity to build field hospitals. Ironically enough, one has to wonder why we didn’t invest in “field hospitals” back in March, and avoid lockdowns altogether, instead of spending $100’s of Billions frivolously to buy Canadians loyalty. However, between repeated corruption with SNC Lavalin and now with mandatory vaccinations coming down the pipe, revenue sharing and massive amounts of wealth being transferred from the tax payers to corporations and their partners in government must seem pretty appealing. Especially considering the media have been bought and paid for, with our tax dollars, to run cover for our politicians while they profit off the back of tyranny.