Apr 11, 2021 • 22M

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP068 - Lets hire pilots based on identity politics

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Modern Conservative, Classic Liberal. Canadian Political Podcast
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United Airlines decided that we no longer desire the most qualified pilots to land planes. Moving forward, United will not be looking to hire only those possessing the appropriate levels of melanin in their skin and the preferred sexual organs between their legs – or presumably the correct gender identification – are to be considered for pilot positions.

The Canadian Liberal Party aggressively pushes forward with plans to solve poverty in Canada via a Universal Basic Income. Its almost as if they leveraged the COVID public health scenario to create mass poverty in Canada, and now they want to solve this problem, with a flagrantly communist equalized government income solution. Apparently allowing people to run their own businesses and generate their own income, is now permanently considered to be too risky of a proposal.

Our state funded propagandist media have decided that as a result of COVID, no political opinion contrary to full blown communism should even be permitted to be heard in Canada. Its just too dangerous to Public Health and Safety.