May 4, 2021 • 36M

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP079 – Freaking UFOs

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Modern Conservative, Classic Liberal. Canadian Political Podcast
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After years of denying their existence, dismissing reports of UFO’s as weather balloons and crashing weather satellites – not to mention the witnesses of said events being dismissed as intoxicated hill billies with daddy issues – the governments around the world are now openly admitting to the existence of UFO’s. However this time, the evidence is coming from military personnel, military grade equipment and expert aviator eye witness testimony. These phenomenon seem to only accommodate for 3 possible conclusions. 1) Our enemy nations on planet earth have technology we cannot even imagine is possible to exist 2) Our governments possess this technology and would rather have us believe the technology is alien vs admitting to possessing said technology 3) freaking aliens. I was just joking when I said aliens were inevitable in 2021, honest to goodness, I was joking.

The worlds leading subject matter experts have been preaching and screaming focussed protection since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. You know, the same public health policies we have practiced for 100 years in the western world. For some reason, we have decided that full fledged tyranny, forced vaccinations and the scientifically nonsensical COVID ZERO approach is the only way to handle this particular respiratory virus. We are willing to deny people their freedom of speech, travel, religion & assembly, censor millions of medical experts and scientists and even threaten their livelihoods and professional status in order to perpetrate this madness. What makes all of this worse however is people like Dr Abdu Sharkawy and David Staples scolding and lecturing Canadians who dare disobey our tyrannical overlords.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Governor DeSantis, who followed traditional focussed protection public health policies, possessing the largest vulnerable population in Long Term Care (LTC) as a percentage of capita in the world, is formally suspending all COVID emergency measures and making vaccine passports illegal.

Lastly, as per the Canadian 2021 official census, I describe my formal and provided answers to “assigned sex at birth” and my “current gender identification”.