May 11, 2021 • 46M

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP081 – Ontario Health Care and Hospitals have been collapsing for over a decade

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Ontario Health Coalition raised the alarm in 2016, using Canadian and Global Data from as far back as 2010, they demonstrated the pending collapse of Ontario's socialist Health Care System/Hospitals. They succinctly illustrated that the misappropriation of tax payer dollars within our healthcare system was the root cause. Ontario Beds per 1000 is the worst in Canada and amongst the worst in the entire world. Only Chile and Mexico have a healthcare system less prepared and capable of providing healthcare then Ontario. Something tells me Ontario and Canadian tax payers pay significantly more money and taxes towards healthcare then Chile or Mexico. Ask me again why socialism always leads to tyranny.

As I have been warning teachers like Wendy Anes Hirshegger, Jen Galinciski and many many others over the years, their greed was going to come back and haunt them. CP24 this past week raised the alarm that the Government of Ontario is looking to significantly cut education budgets and are pushing for the implementation of permanent remote learning. Its ironic that the teachers union leveraged a public health “emergency” as a collective bargaining strategy to receive everything they wanted in their pre-pandemic strike. I once again remind Ontario Teachers that you are extremely well paid and compensated civil servants. You have zero right to strike against the tax paying public and zero right to refuse to work, let alone at the expense of our children. What exactly did you think was going to happen if the government spends into deficit each and every year, while you demand more and more funding and resources. Instead of turning around and asking your corrupt union the hard questions, you chose to act like self righteous state funded thugs and facilitated the bankruptcy of the Canadian tax paying citizens – you know, your employers – under the guise of public health and safety. I tried to warn you. You were being used by corrupt bureaucrats as the useful idiots you allowed yourselves to be. They were absolutely going to come for your guaranteed salaries and benefits next - and now they are. Ask me again how socialism always leads to tyranny.

Finally Doctors and Medical Professionals are realizing that there is a serious problem here and are starting to speak out. The Declaration of Canadian physicians for science and truth has been released as an open letter/petition and is accruing 1000’s of signatures from all across Canada. Silencing Doctors and Medical Professionals is not science, it is by every definition of the word – tyranny. Consider taking the time to review their open letter, their references to Nazi Germany and the Nuremberg Code. The nonsensical fear mongering and fake pseudo “science” our corrupt self serving media and public health officials have been ramming down our throats for over a year now has been laughable. Flagrant lies and propaganda. I’ve been screaming, begging and pleading for over a year now. Its about time Canadian Doctors have entered the fray. Better late then never folks. Happy to have you onboard.