May 12, 2021 • 39M

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP082 – OK we were wrong about the science you racist

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Modern Conservative, Classic Liberal. Canadian Political Podcast
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When it became apparent to everyone with at least a couple functioning and firing neurons that “trust the science” was ideologically based and had very little to do with actual science…

When the general scientific community returned to sanity and remembered that we have known for decades that masking the general population in response to a respiratory virus was laughable and likely represents a negative health benefit…

When the scientific community once again remembered even the most basic scientific principles and remembered that respiratory viruses do not spread on surfaces, nor is outdoor spread with respect to a respiratory virus a legitimate concern…

When we all came to our senses and remembered that viruses spread based on critical mass of viral load, and that the notion asymptomatic spread and the labelling of healthy people as vectors of transmission and therefore dangerous was absurdity on its face…

When they can no longer debate the science and when the debate has been clearly lost, what do our propagandist media and politicians turn to?

Well, old faithful of course.

Anyone who opposes them is a white supremacist and a racist