Jun 3, 2021 • 51M

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP090 - Death Threats, Seriously ?!

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Modern Conservative, Classic Liberal. Canadian Political Podcast
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Remember when we agreed to lockdowns for 15 days to “flatten the curve” because we were told that the COVID death rate was 3-6% ?

Do you remember when COVID jumped from humans to bats by eating bat soup?

Do you remember when hydroxychloroquine was a dangerous conspiracy theory?

Do you remember insisting that masks save lives and others were selfish, evil monsters putting your life at risk if they did not comply?

Well, now that all of these narratives have fallen flat on their face (I told you so by the way), what response do I get? Did anyone apologize? Sorry Andrew for being so rude? Sorry Andrew for refusing to educate myself and calling you all of those names?

Nope. Instead the modern day brownshirts are now making death threats. Laughable