Oct 24, 2021

Lets review the data

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP109

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Florida Surgeon General Dr Ladapo crushes the mask mandates in children, clearly indicating that zero data exists validating such public health measures.

Saskatchewan Health Authority expose themselves as science denying conspiracy theorists, insisting that age and fitness level have zero impact on COVID outcomes.

The government of Canada releases alarming COVID vaccine death and serious injury data, which is completely ignored by the media. This data alone shatters the efficacy of vaccinating our children, who are pragmatically at zero risk to COVID, with CDC and Stanford METRICS data validating a 99.9973% COVID survival rate in children.

A dangerous global trend has emerged in the western world with respect to all cause mortality spikes in the 30-50 demographic. Although this seems to be correlated 4-6 months post vaccine rollouts in respective countries, causation cannot automatically be made with vaccination. However, this data is certainly alarming and must be investigated.


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Podcast Notes

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