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Stephen Archer Head of Queens Medical School got it wrong

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A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request revealed that Dr Fauci and Director Collins conspired to silence and discredit any science and scientists who spoke against their Public Health measures, specifically focussing on and targeting the Great Barrington Declaration. Authored and signed by leading Scientists and Epidemiologists from Stanford, Harvard, Oxford and Yale - along with 60,000 of the worlds leading subject matter experts.

What’s most concerning however, is Stephen Archer, Professor, Head of the Department of Medicine at Queens University here in Canada, parroted their message, a few mere weeks after Director Collins and Dr Fauci agreed to execute their hit piece against contradictory science. Needless to say, the scientific method does not allow for attacking dissenting opinions. What’s most alarming however, is the flagrant politicization of science by one of the most prominent Medical Professionals our country has to offer.

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Its time Stephen Archer withdraws his condemnation against the Great Barrington Declaration and admits that the public health measures designed to stop community spread in order to protect the vulnerable, beneath a mountain of evidence, proved to be ineffective and harmful. It is time Canada moves on from this draconian Public Health experiment and its abject failure acknowledged by those who implemented it.

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