Sep 24, 2021

The media are indeed the enemy

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP107

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You know the media has way too much influence on society when everyone is walking around wearing masks and believing they are saving lives by stopping the spread of a respiratory virus. You know the media’s intentions are vicious, when society is convinced the unvaccinated must be vaccinated to protect the vaccinated – and – you know they will stop at nothing when they are willing to throw children into harms way in order to achieve their agenda and adhere to their narrative.

Florida hires a new Surgeon General. Harvard Medical School Graduate and PhD, Dr Joseph Ladapo. Dr Ladapo brings rationality back to the public health discussion. He vows to adhere to science, and put a stop to the media driven fear mongering and opinion shaping campaign. He openly speaks of overall health and wellness, and how a vaccine is only a small part of public health, and certainly not anywhere near the most critical element of a practical public health policy. For speaking fundamental scientific principles, which have been understood for decades at this point, the media has already begun their smear campaign, labelling him a far alt right anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist – and of course a racist.


Lastly, I discuss the Communist China lucrative organ harvesting industry. China is wilfully trying to dismantle the medical ethics standards which exist in the western world, preventing such practices amongst our citizens and children. Informed consent is the foundation of the medical and ethical principles which exist in our society, preventing such practices to ever occur on our soil. Lockdowns, mandatory masking, mandatory injections – are all examples of medical procedures designed to break down the medical ethics standards which exist in Canada, in order to allow organ harvesting to occur – of course all under the guise of “the greater good”.

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP107 – The media are indeed the enemy

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