Aug 10, 2021

Warren Kinsella is a clown, we should all mock and ridicule him

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP103

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Dr Dan Stock presents to the Mt Vernon School board. This presentation of fundamental science sends the COVID ZERO ideologues into fits of rage. Fascistic and ignorant Facebook “fact checkers” label the video as “missing context”, even though no missing context can be found, other than what is presented by the fact checkers themselves.

Warren Kinsella hilariously exposes himself as the aspiring totalitarian monster that he is. Essentially calling for violence against the unvaccinated, while simultaneously exposing his flagrant ignorance, as well as, the hypocrisy which is representative of the entire radicalized left.


CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP103 – Warren Kinsella is a clown, we should all mock and ridiculed

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WHO faces allegations of fake pandemic in 2010 re H1N1 -

Dr Dan Stocks presentation to Mount Vernon -

Fascist Facebook fact checkers -

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